Washington Examiner journalist and conservative commentator Tiana Lowe joins the show to discuss watching her home state of California collapse under the weight of failed progressive economic policies and share her unique perspective on the #MeToo movement that runs against both side’s narratives. Are Democrats #MeToo hypocrites? Is President Trump guilty of sexual assault?

We also break down Tiana’s analysis on the 2020 race as a journalist on the economics beat, and discuss what Americans can expect from a Biden or Trump economy. We top off the show with a food take from Tiana that even I agree with—a good sign you might hate it.

Growing Up in California 1:00
Why College Dorms Are Bad, Actually 5:03
California’s Decline 10:15
How One-Party Rule Killed California’s Gig Economy 14:02
The #MeToo Era 21:03
Democrats Are #MeToo Hypocrites 25:10
Evaluating the Rape Accusations Against President Trump 28:20
Is Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen A Serious Alternative? 34:00
What to Expect From a Biden Economy if Democrats Win 36:10
Trump 2.0 & the Looming Budget Crisis 38:45
Tiana’s Hot Food Takes 44:38

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